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Solutions: Crafting Unforgettable Marketing



Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience your customers have with your company, product or service. A brand is one of the few things a company can own forever. Without patents, technological insulation, or barriers to entry, a company’s brand is one of the few assets it can rely on to extract value and enhance margin over time, making it easier to promote to your prospects.

Well-executed marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. We work with small businesses to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer prospects, create the desired image, and strengthen the brand.

Michelle Skaggs

I am a college professor of Marketing and Business Management. My Masters of Business Administration degree was obtained in 2012 and my Masters of Adult Education degree was obtained in 2008. With 20+ years of marketing experience, specializing in small and startup businesses, I'm excited to hear how I can help you out today!


I  will review your small business marketing and offer suggestions for results-based improvement! As an adult educator by trade, I will guide you through the steps to continued success on your own and to achieve a higher level of business.

  • Brand Marketing

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Small Business and Startup Consulting

  • Event Planning

  • Marketing Strategy on a Budget

  • Solution-Based Management Techniques

  • Simplifying and Streamlining Marketing  Strategies

  • Secret Shopper / Customer Service Consultation

  • B Corp Certification Assistance

  • Colorado State Notary Services

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